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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

#6 - Economic Issues

Economic issues are those concerning resources and how they are distributed, in particular the state of finances and the spread of wealth.

I feel economic issues are second to political issues as resources are often at the hands of the government however money issues trouble many e.g. the recession.

What economic issues (if any) do you feel prevent theworld from being perfect?

#5 - Political Issues

Political issues are those which concern the government and the impact they have.

Considering the sheer power some governments (and in some cases dictators have) it is fair to say they have a major affect on the world and therefore how we view it. Personally I cannot view the world as perfect when the masses suffer at the hands of the minorities in charge. Dictatorship and the influence it has stops me from being able to see the world as a perfect environment for many.  

What political issues (if any) do you feel prevent the world from being perfect?

#4 - Societies issues

Social issues are those concerning relations between people, what happens within society as a whole and its impact on individuals. Social issues include those such as homelessness, substance abuse, crime and relationship troubles.

To me social issues are those impairing our view of perfection in the world the most. We experience them in our everyday lives and they have the greatest impact on us and our opinions. If you’re homeless it will most probably be the most imperfect factor of your world.

What issues in society (if any) do you feel prevent the world from being perfect?

#3 - Picture It!

What do you picture when you think of a perfect world?
Here's a few images of the world I'd relate to perfection and why...

Peace, Quiet and a Perfect View

To me this image is perfect as it represents a getaway, a place with no drama and a perfect view.
Views like this show the perfection in nature
The Hustle and Bussle 

What's more perfect than city life? The lively streets, everyone with their own things to do, yet everyone's lives linked and intertwined, a reminder that we're all part of a bigger society.  


Sharing different food, experiences and ways of life. Learning from others.

Please leave a link to any images you consider to represent a perfect world and let me know why!

#2 – A Perfect World?

To me, creating a perfect world is like painting a perfect picture; it will never be to everybody’s taste! I do however think we all have an image of how we want the world to be, how it would be perfect for us.

Do you think a perfect world is possible? (make sure you answer the poll at the bottom of the page) 
What would you consider to be a perfect world? (E.g. what would people be like, what would have to be in it etc.)
What do you think prevents one?

#1 – What is perfection?

I would define perfection as an ultimate state of good.
To me perfection is something you create for yourself; what's perfect to you is part how you view things. 
I see perfection as subjective; no two people can have the same view of it, so I don’t feel you can put perfection down to situations or objects...but you may think differently?

How would you define perfection? What’s perfect to you? 

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

A Little Introduction

Hey :) 

Basically this Blog is all part of a project and your opinion is part of the outcome! My project revolves around the statement "It is not possible to have a perfect world" and all the posts on here are relevant.
Each post is a question that I intend to use as a prompt for my essay. I would really appreciate it if you could respond to as many of the questions as possible my commenting on the posts.

Thanks :)